Our Story

I started the Pevensey Ghost walk around 27 years ago. Originally I ran a Adult Education Class at ECAT in Eastbourne on Local Ghosts and Legends and some of the class wanted to visit on of the 'haunted' locations. So I did a little walk of Pevensey. They enjoyed it so I thought I may well see if anyone else would - now many years later there have been literally thousands of people of all ages turned up on the walks.

I have also expanded the Walks to include Alfriston and Lewes.

They have been featured on Radio, TV and local and national Press. I have also written several books on ghosts of Sussex and other areas.

Do you expect to see a Ghost on a Ghost Walk ? Well I would ask do you expect to be murdered on a Jack the Ripper Murder Walk? My walks are entertaining and historical and I can assure you I have not made up one single story - every ghost mentioned someone has at some time claimed to have seen or heard !!